Travel Info

1.      ALL participants MUST have a valid passport or a copy of one’s birth certificate.

2.      Visitor’s Visa:  When students go through immigration in México, they should be aware of the 30 to 180 day visa stamp that is placed on their visitor visa. Students who are traveling in Mexico with family before or after MexArt, should make sure they are stamped for the appropriate number of days to accommodate their travels. The temporary visa is a loose piece of paper that should be kept with your passport. It cannot be lost during your time in México as it is required and collected at the airport upon departure from México.

3.      Notarized Letter:  Each student should travel with a notarized letter signed by BOTH parents stating that the minor has permission to travel outside of the U.S. without one or either parent. This is not always required, however the airlines sometimes do require it and will not allow travel without it if requested.

4.      It is a good idea to keep a photo copy of the participant’s passport on file at home.  MexArt will make more copies upon arrival to have on file in our office.  Passports and visas are stored by the directors and participants will travel within Mexico with a photocopy.

Students should carry emergency contact numbers with them (parent contacts and MexArt phone numbers).  In case of an emergency, students should carry this information while traveling to Mexico and within Mexico.  Participants or staff will call or email home to confirm that students have arrived safely on our opening day.

Before traveling within Mexico, participants will be briefed on appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and protective measures to take.

Parents traveling during our session dates are requested to send their detailed itinerary with emergency contact information for that period of time.

We provide a van/bus service to/from the airport in Leon (BJX) or Queretaro (QRO).

All students should plan to arrive on July 10, 2015 and depart on August 7, 2015.

MexArt staff will meet participants as they come through the last customs check point and will escort them through the check-in process on the way home.  Duffels, suitcases, or backpacks are recommended.  Laundry can be done frequently so there is no need to over pack. LESS IS BETTER! Leave room in your bags since participants will have artwork and souvenirs to add to bags on the way home (or bring an empty duffel with you).

MexArt hopes to enable students from the same areas to travel on the same flights and to meet other participants at the transfer airports to travel the remainder of the travel time with more participants. Contact Carly if you would like the names/numbers of other students from your area.