Summer Sessions 2015
Arrival Date:        July 10, 2015
Departure Date:   August 7, 2015

MexArt is more than happy to help make travel arrangements for participants. However, transportation is not included in the tuition. Participants should plan to arrive at the airport in Leon (BJX) during daylight hours when MexArt staff members will greet and escort the group to San Miguel.  When several participants from a particular area are attending, MexArt helps to coordinate travel plans.  San Miguel is located about an hour and a half by van from Leon.

Travel Dates:  Please purchase airline tickets on the first and last day of the session of attendance stated above. Students arriving on other dates cannot be escorted by a MexArt counselor, but van transportation can be arranged.

MexArt staff will meet participants as they come through the last customs check point and will escort them through the check-in process on the way home.  Duffels or backpacks are recommended.  Laundry can be done frequently so there is no need to over pack. LESS IS BETTER! Leave room in your bags since participants will have artwork and souvenirs to add to bags on the way home (or bring an empty duffel with you).  Flights that arrive during daylight hours are preferable but not always possible from some points of origin. 

When purchasing tickets, make sure the first point of entrance in Mexico is in Leon, that the flight does NOT transfer in Mexico City or Monterrey. Flight tickets should cost between $400-$500 (L.A.) and $650-900 (rest of U.S). Please contact Carly when your flights have been booked or to help coordinate flights of students originating at the same airport. 


Documents: ALL participants MUST have a valid passport. When students go through immigration in México, they should be aware of the 30 or 90 day visa stamp that is placed on their visitor visa. Students who are traveling in Mexico with family before or after MexArt, should make sure they are stamped for the appropriate number of days to accommodate their travels. The temporary visa is a loose piece of paper that should be kept with your passport. It cannot be lost during your time in México and is collected at the airport upon departure from México.

It is a good idea to keep a photo copy of the participant’s passport on file at home. MexArt will make more copies upon arrival to have on file in our office. Passports are stored by the directors and participants will travel within Mexico with a photocopy.

A notarized letter of consent from parent(s) is required for minors traveling alone, with one parent, or in someone else’s custody. A form letter for parents to use for this purpose will be sent. Please allow yourself ample time to have the letter notarized. The state department states that a minor traveling alone or with only one parent should have evidence of the relationship and permission of the parents or legal guardian not present for the child’s travel. Having such documentation on hand, even if not required, may facilitate entry and departure. If a child’s last name is different from that of his/her parents, the student should also have the birth certificate or official documents confirming the parent-child relationship.