San Miguel

Vibrant, Colorful, Quaint, Magical.  San Miguel is a charming, colonial town located 170 miles north of Mexico City. Rich in history, San Miguel was a focal point during the Mexican fight for independence. Roaming the serpentine, cobblestone streets, one finds 16th and 17th Century Spanish colonial stone buildings, flower-filled patios, burros delivering wood, women selling handmade dolls, men hawking straw baskets. The city appears much as it did decades ago, free of traffic lights, neon signs, skyscrapers or parking garages.  In 1926 San Miguel was declared a national monument by the government of Mexico and a recently received UNESCO World Heritage sight status. San Miguel is rich in traditions with its colorful popular fiestas and important cultural festivals which take place throughout the year. It is Mexico's most celebrated artists' community and has been luring artistically passionate Mexicans and internationals for decades.