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Conditions and Terms of Enrollment

A $750.00 USD non-refundable deposit for residential art, dance, and work-study programs and $300 USD for the day programs must accompany this registration form to guarantee a space for a participant. The balance of fees are to be paid in full by June 1st, 2015 for summer programs or December 15th, for semester sessions or cancellation of enrollment will result. Students enrolling after balance-due dates should make full payment at the time of enrollment. MexArt reserves the right to dismiss disruptive or abusive participants or participants who show signs of physical or emotional difficulties that MexArt does not feel capable of supervising. There will be no refunds issued for early departure related to disciplinary problems, health, or family emergencies.

I hereby authorize any physician selected by a MexArt director to order x-rays, routine tests, and other medical treatment needed for the health of my child. In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I give permission to the physician selected by the director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment, and to order injections, anesthesia, and/or surgery for my child. Family insurance or the family is responsible for coverage of medical treatment.

Permission is granted to MexArt, with no additional charge, for the use of photographs, video clips, or written work of students for promotional purposes or MexArt materials after the season ends.

I agree to hold harmless and not responsible for any injury, incident, or accident MexArt, its employees and organizers.

The cash account fee, charged separately from the tuition for residential students, is a flat-rate fee of $200 USD which allows participants to have $50 a week of personal spending money which may be used for internet access, local entertainment, souvenirs, and snacks. Participants may feel more comfortable traveling with some extra spending money for arrival/departure travel days.

Transportation may be arranged in conjunction with MexArt staff or other participating families or participants may arrange for transportation independently. Families are responsible for the cost of flights, but MexArt will arrange to pick up all participants from the Leon, BJX airport.

Payment & Enrollment: MexArt will only reserve a space for a participant when payment for the deposit has been received. MexArt accepts checks in US currency. Make checks payable to MexArt. Cancellation of enrollment results if payment of the balance is not received by May 1, 2015.

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