Pre-Trip Forms

Registration Form (pdf) or on-line form.

To enroll in MexArt each student should submit a registration form. Once accepted, a $750 deposit is required to guarantee a student's space. 

Once Accepted into the MexArt program, the following forms should be submitted:

Travel Info
All students should submit their travel itinerary by email with arrival and departure travel information. This should be submitted as soon as a student's airline travel has been booked so that other students enrolling can coordinate travel plans with students already booked on flights.

Student Contract (pdf)
Each attending student and a parent must sign and return this student agreement.

Health Form (pdf)
All students and staff members must have a filled-out and signed health-form on file before the program begins or on opening day of the program. The form does NOT require a doctor visit or signature. It is a health history form and requires a parent-release/signature for MexArt to seek medical treatment on behalf of a student in the case of an emergency.

Activity Pick (pdf)
Each ART student must submit this form choosing art major and elective activities.  Work-study students should submit this form too, only filling out afternoon activity picks.