Packing List

While packing for MexArt this summer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

One Check-In Bag:  First, most airlines allow just one checked bag at a maximum of 50 pounds. Try limiting your baggage and leave space for art work and purchase of things you'll accumulate in San Miguel. You can wash laundry as frequently as you want, so pack as lightly as you can.

Climate:  Just because it's Mexico doesn't mean that it's hot and balmy all the time. We are in the desert mountains. It can be chilly in the morning and at night, and HOT during the day. Most dress in layers, but you'll definitely want some pants and a sweat shirt or jacket or two. While visitors can wear shorts or tank tops in San Miguel, it's best not to wear very short shorts nor shorts with tank tops.  Try pairing shorts with a more conservative top or a tank top with more conservative bottoms.  It also RAINS this month. Every few days, a thunder storm with downpours may roll in, drench the town for 30-60 minutes, create rivers in the streets, and just as quickly disappear. It can be chilly when it rains and you may want covered shoes and an alternative pair of footwear (sandals, keens, tevas or the like).

Activities:  Keep your activities in mind.  If you're working with little ones at Roombo chasing kids around as the tickle monster or working on toddler art projects, you'll want comfy clothes.  For jewelry classes you'll need long pants and covered shoes for safety.  Dance classes require comfortable rehearsal attire and performance-wear.

Footwear:  The streets and sidewalks of San Miguel are treacherous cobble-stone with unpredictable surfaces and gaps. I (Carly) prefer shoes, sneakers, and sandals that offer support and don't like to walk in light-weight flip-flops.

Optional Extras:  camera, wi-fi device (smart phone, tablet/ipad, laptop), umbrella/rain coat, journal, bathing suit, hat, one nicer outfit, vitamins/medications to last the month, toiletries, back pack for day use going to/from activities, dictionary, summer reading, old clothes or toy donations for the local orphanage.

Carry-On:  Keep your documentation in your carry-on:  Passport, airline tickets, ID, $, and emergency contact information. Optional cell phone (and charger).

 MexArt provides all bedding.

Here's a page that helps with packing....maximize your space!  I'm a big fan of the rolling technique! Definitely try to roll up clothes for your bottom layers of your suit case or duffel.  Or check out this slide series illustrating the roll-technique of packing!