Housing & Meals

HOUSING:  participants live in a small, centrally located, charming hotel. There are 2 to 4 participants in a room depending on the size of the room and 1 to 2 rooms per casita.  The 7 casitas making up Casa Crayola are situated within a walled in property and have a central meeting room and dining room area. Among the 20 participants, adult staff members live with the participants in their hotel. These staff are responsible for the well-being of the students, making sure that they are healthy, participating in activities, and are integrating into the MexArt program and local environment. These staff members undergo in-depth training that includes group leadership, health, safety, adolescent needs, homesickness, culture shock, and Mexican culture and integration techniques.

While MexArt was founded in 2000, Casa Carly has been the home of MexArt since 2003. Casa Carly is a small hotel with 7 casitas, which house MexArt's students and counselors. Throughout the rest of the year, the 7 casitas are rented to visitors to San Miguel as a small hotel. For MexArt's summer use, the casitas are modified, stripped of their living rooms to have more space for additional beds.  To view more information about Casa Crayola and see photos of the facility, visit www.casacarly.com


MEALS:  Breakfast is taken in our dining room while alternating lunches and dinners are eaten in various San Miguel restaurants -- all picturesque, quaint and colorful, and often outside in flower-filled courtyards. Students eat together and the food is fabulous! Students have many choices and menus are chosen weekly to guarantee everyone's satisfaction.  Cuisine includes Mexican, Italian, Chinese, as well as American. Vegetarians have diverse and interesting options and students with dietary restrictions or allergies CAN be accommodated.