Welcome to MexArt

Welcome to MexArt!  Now that you're enrolled, this section of PRE-TRIP INFO will help parents and students in preparation for a smooth summer with MexArt.  This pre-trip travel info section is intended to familiarize participants and their families with general information and policies so that everyone will be prepared for the upcoming summer. MexArt believes in fostering independence, self-esteem, and the development of specific communication and art skills. In our pursuit of this healthy, creative, and light-hearted environment, we have created a framework with realistic limits to ensure a physically and emotionally safe climate at MexArt.

This parent-student handbook outlines the expectations that the program will assume and those expectations that are the responsibility of participants and parents.  We rely on this partnership to guarantee a fabulous summer for all.

We are anticipating a spectacular summer working with your family.  Now that your summer plans are complete, we want to wish you the wonderful summer you deserve.  Enjoy it!

Carly Cross, Caren Cross, and David Cross
Directors, Owners