Dates & Rates

Session 2015 Dates No. Days Finishing Grades Tuition
Art & Spanish July 10 - Aug 7 27 8th  -  12th $4100
Dance & Spanish Not Available   8th  -  12th $4100
Work Study July 10 - Aug 7 27 9th - 12th $3100


A $750 non-refundable deposit must accompany the registration form to guarantee a space for a participant. The balance of fees is to be paid in full by June 1, 2015. Students enrolling after this date must pay full tuition at the time of enrollment. Flights to Leon, Mexico are not included. Most normal program materials, day trips, art supplies, meals, airport pickup/drop-off and Spanish texts are included in the fee. Nonpayment of any fees could result in cancellation of enrollment.

The cash account fee is a flat fee of $200 in addition to the tuition. This allowance is passed out to students $50 per week in pesos for students to have personal spending money for snacks, laundry, extra classes, souvenirs, and other personal needs.

What Documents Are Needed?

  • Valid Passport
  • Mexican Tourist Visa (issued upon entry to Mexico and relinquished upon departure)
  • A notarized letter of consent from parent(s) is required for children traveling alone, with one parent, or in someone else's custody. The state department states that a minor traveling alone or with only one parent should have evidence of the relationship and permission of the parents or legal guardian not present for the child's travel. Having such documentation on hand, even if not always solicited by airline officials, may facilitate entry and departure.

MexArt collects all documents and valuables upon arrival for safe keeping until the close of the session. In addition, MexArt requires the following documentation sent out to families in the spring.

1. Completed and signed medical history and release form
2. Signed student agreement
3. Completed and signed application form.

Want to discuss the program in more detail? Feel free to email or call. Or email with your phone number and a good time to reach you, and a MexArt director will contact you. MexArt is a real niche program. It appeals to certain kids and not to others. While MexArt has a lot of flexibility in programming in the visual arts, dance, Spanish and community service components, MexArt is not a general international camp or program. Normally a family or student finds the MexArt program and it just clicks for their interests and goals. MexArt is a wonderful introduction to study abroad, peaking interest for future travels and studies!  MexArt directors are happy discuss the program in more depth to make sure the program is a great fit for you.

Is There Camp for Parents?   Feeling jealous of your teen’s summer travels? San Miguel is like a summer camp campus for adults. You can rent a casita or house and piece together your own program with any classes that interest you: yoga, pilates, Spanish, painting, drawing, ceramics, print making, photography, music, dance, golf, and
more. MexArt is happy to help plan your trip too!


What do past families say about MexArt?

Jackie, CA:
Perri has been e-mailing every day and is having the best time. She has loved her ceramics class, photography class, and so enjoyed working with the kids in the community service class yesterday. I am so happy for her. Thank you for giving her such a special experience, and she also made some wonderful friends.

Amy, MD
We have gotten two emails from Genna, and both of them are full of tales about all of the fun she is having. I was also happy to read that her eyes are being opened to the fact that everyone doesn’t live the way she does. That’s important for her and to us.

Robyn, IL
Jorie’s e-mails have been wonderful! She is having the time of her life. She raves about the facility, the activities, her new friends and San Miguel! Is it really as fantastic as she reports!?

Meryl, NY
Anna says she wants a Spanish tutor when she comes home so she can be fluent. Most exciting is that she has rediscovered her love for art and frequently mentions her paintings and jewelry. I hope she can sustain that energy when she returns. You have helped her accomplish what I had hoped for her this summer. Thanks!

Liebe, FL
Just logged onto your web site and what an unexpected pleasure to find LOTS of photos and especially to see  Naomi’s birthday party! Thank you for throwing such a fitting party complete with pinata! Honestly, I’ve never heard her so happy as she’s been down there. I am amazed at how organized you are and especially at how well you
communicate with the parents and relate to the kids! Naomi is enjoying all of her art and jewelry classes in a stress-free, funfilled environment. The setting is beautiful. The food is surprisingly good with a private cook. The
instructors, artists are all inspiring and pleasant. The kids are from all over the country, and Naomi says they are very nice. She likes the freedom to roam beautiful San Miguel while heading to class. We like the structured activities that go well into the night!

Ava, NY
Thank you so much for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This program has been a dream come true for me. Everything from the art classes to trying new foods to evening activities to just sitting and talking or singing has been wonderful. I loved the hand coloring in my photography class, something I’d never done before. Ceramics was wonderful too with a teacher with knowledge and passion about her work. I learned so much from SPEAKING Spanish two hours a day, not dwelling on my grammar, so that by the last week, I was able to help other tourists!

I can’t believe I’ve spent a month in Mexico. I’ve made myself understood, tried new foods, gained a measure of independence, and developed my arts. This has been a lifechanging experience and I feel truly lucky and special to have been able to participate!