Dance & Spanish

MexArt's Dance Session is a one month intensive Art, Spanish and Cultural immersion summer program open to students finishing the 8th through 12th grades in the spring of 2015.  While some MexArt participants are highly talented and experienced, others may just have an interest in art.

DANCE:   Students take 3 hours of dance in the morning followed by 2 more hours after lunch. The emphasis of the dance program is on jazz, modern, hip hop with some ballet. Fun workshops in Latin dance, salsa, belly dancing, and other specialties are offered in the afternoons.  Classes are designed to challenge each student at his or her level while developing technical skills and learning choreography. Twice a week, students teach a dance class offered for free to local children providing an opportunity to give to the community and develop Spanish language communication. A final performance open to the public showcases the students’ work.

SPANISH:    Spanish classes are taught to all participants with students grouped according to ability.  Held two hours daily, classes emphasize oral competency and are designed to be fun! Additionally, students can practice their skills in the streets, in the artisan market, in the main square, at the corner grocery, and chatting with local youth.  Teachers create a non-competitive atmosphere with teaching geared to challenge each individual student. 

What’s reasonable to expect in language acquisition in the course of a month?  Students advance at differing speeds. The most difficult hurdle for many language students is getting over the fear of making a mistake.  MexArt encourages mistakes!  The more you make, the faster you’ll learn each time you’re corrected. While becoming fluent in a one-month program isn’t a reasonable expectation, students should be able to feel much more fluid and comfortable with communicating in Spanish. Beginners will learn the basics, a large vocabulary and enough verb usage for basic communication of needs and wants. More advanced students will learn to apply grammar rules to verbal interactions and become more comfortable in communicating in social situations and discussions.

DAY TRIPS:  While in this beautiful foreign culture, opportunities for side trips abound and are organized on weekends. Participants may choose to swim in the hot springs, go horseback riding in the mountains, be a guest in a brick-making village, travel to the university town of Guanajuato famous for its silver mines and Diego Rivera museum, hike in the mountains or botanical gardens, explore the town of Dolores Hidalgo where hundreds of small factories produce colorful Mexican pottery and more.

Throughout the month participants integrate into the community of San Miguel and eat at local restaurants, sit in the jardin, can attend yoga or aerobics classes and explore the many options San Miguel has to offer its visitors.

EVENING ACTIVITIES:  The evening activity is an integral part of the MexArt program and varies according to what is happening in San Miguel. Students attend concerts, theater, dance performances, and art openings. The group’s small size allows the program to be flexible. MexArt students also participate in their own evening activities such as talent shows, coffee houses, scavenger hunts, art projects, and the occasional movie or free night.


Daily Schedule
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 - 12:00 Dance Course
12:30 Lunch
2:00 - 4:00 Dance Elective / Com Service
5:00 - 7:00 Spanish
7:30 Dinner
8:15 Evening Activity



    Spanish:  All levels welcome
    Dance:  Intermediate - Advanced Levels
    Age:  Must have completed the 8-12 grade