MAIL:  Mail between the U.S. and México may take 7-10 days OR MORE. This is the slowest and least reliable method for communication between MexArt participants and their families and friends. However, mail may be sent to:

Student Name
5802 Bob Bullock Loop Suite C1 #84-148
Laredo, TX  78041

E-Mail is the fastest, most reliable way to communicate between home and students in San Miguel. We highly recommend using e-mail as your primary mode of communication. Casa Carly is equipped with wireless internet for students who travel with wireless devices (laptops, ipads, smart-phones, etc...).  However, Casa Carly nor MexArt is responsible for personal posessions such as these. Students may bring these devices at their own risk.  There are several internet cafes available right down the street.

Please do NOT send packages. The duties on packages sent between the U.S. to México are quite expensive. Packages are normally held at the border until the cost of the taxes has been sent by the recipient to the boarder. Then the recipient must arrange for delivery from the border.  It is complicated, expensive, time consuming and highly discouraged.  Packages are equally expensive and difficult to send from Mexico to the States. Students should leave room in their bags or bring an extra empty duffel bag for accumulating art projects and souvenirs during the trip.

Phone calls between students and parents are highly discouraged as they disrupt the program.  Parents should not expect to phone their kids while in México. In an emergency, parents may call Carly at 011-52-415-152-8900 or (202)391-0004 and a message can be relayed to the staff or students.  MexArt does not have a central office with normal office personnel. Please leave a message, and a director will get back to you quickly. E-mail is also recommended for communicating with the directors and staff of MexArt.

MexArt is NOT responsible for devices brought to the program.  That being said, MexArt recognizes that parents and students want to feel connected and may use these devices during the program.  Casa Carly does have wireless internet access throughout the property, in the casitas and in the main dining room.  As for cell phones, please keep in mind that cell phone use in Mexico is very expensive. Check with the provider for phone, text, and data rates while traveling in Mexico.  Students with wireless devices might use them for access to internet, email, facetime, facebook, skype, etc...

Constant contact with friends and family from home is a key contributor to a student not integrating well to a summer program. MexArt encourages students to live in the moment, be social with students present, and not be disconnected to the program by being too plugged-in.  If students attend with a cell phone or wireless device, MexArt leaves it up to parents to limit its use during the program. If its use disrupts the program, the device will be taken away and given back to the student at the end of the program.  Parents:  Please set limits and expectations with students before the program begins as to how much communication with family vs friends is appropriate and when and if a cell phone should be used at all.  MexARt recommends that cell phones ONLY be used in an emergency.