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Want to discuss the program in more detail? Feel free to email or call. MexArt is a real niche program. It appeals to certain kids and not to others. While MexArt has a lot of flexibility in programming in the visual arts, dance, Spanish and community service components, MexArt is not a general international camp or program. Normally a family or student finds the MexArt program and it just clicks for their interests and goals. MexArt is a wonderful introduction to study abroad, peaking interest for future travels and studies!  MexArt directors are happy discuss the program in more depth to make sure the program is a great fit for you.

Carly Cross
Calz. de la Aurora #48
San Miguel de Allende, GTO 37700

5802 Bob Bullock Loop Suite C1 #84-148
Laredo, TX  78041

From U.S. to Mexico:  011 52 (415)152-8900
MexArt's U.S. number:  (202) 391-0004