Behavior Expectations

As stated in the Student Agreement, MexArt strives to maintain a wholesome, lighthearted, and positively creative summer community. MexArt participants, in the past, have been positive and cooperative with their roommates, other students and staff. In addition to the laws and respected customs of San Miguel, the MexArt rules and limits are intended to protect everyone (the program, the participants, and our surrounding community of San Miguel). In addition to the rough outline of expectations here, these rules are explained and discussed with all students on our first orientation day. The rules and limits do evolve as the program progresses, and participants are trusted to adhere to the progressive changes.

Please note:  MexArt reserves the right to dismiss participants from the program at their discretion and without reimbursement of any MexArt fees if a student violates the Student Agreement, or endangers his safety, the safety of another participant or the safety of the program at large. (please note that the Student Agreement includes issues such as drugs, alcohol, attendance, disregard or disrespect of authorities or customs.

Students who display disruptive behavior (including verbal abuse) that affects other participants may have to be sent home. We expect participants not to disrupt hotel decorum and program morale by inappropriate and insensitive behavior.  It is well understood that students will test limits – we allow for this. We do not, however, accept any fighting, dangerous roughhousing, abusive practical jokes, vulgar language, or racist/sexist remarks. Sneaking out of the hotel at night or smoking or drinking alcohol are considered dangerous to the participant and will lead to immediate expulsion.

Students must attend all classes, meals, and MexArt functions (all teachers note attendance). When ill or overly exhausted, resident directors help to create options where the student is accounted for, safe, and supervised. We expect the highest level of program participation and cooperation from our students. For participants, being caring, responsible and aware is the MexArt way.

Any kind of illegal drug at MexArt is prohibited, and the student or staff member will be sent home immediately if he or she is found to possess, use, or be involved with drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. While it is inconceivable that any of MexArt’s talented and conscientious youths would seek out or use these substances at all, this policy is a reminder of MexArt’s intolerance in these instances. This behavior is not tolerated on the part of our participants or our staff.

Parents: If participants jeopardize the welfare of the program by violating either the smoking or drug policy, he or she will be sent home immediately (whether it is the student’s first day, last day, or any day in between), and there is no refund of the program fee. Parents should be aware of this policy before agreeing to send their child to this program.

Students:  MexArt is an exclusive community to which you have been accepted.  To decide to attend MexArt, is a decision to not smoke, use drugs, or drink alcohol.

MexArt is geared toward the individual and is designed to help students reach their own goals. However, if you feel that there is a problem (any program or resident issue that negatively affects your student’s experience,) please call it to our attention immediately:  011-52-415-152-8900 or  We hope to work with parents to ensure that each student has a fantastic MexArt experience.

Safety:  San Miguel is an extremely safe community. Although there are occasional crimes, they tend to be ones of petty theft. Students do not have to worry about being assaulted or feeling physically unsafe. Participants do have to learn to navigate around San Miguel as once they have been oriented to the program and town, it will be their own responsibility to get to/from their hotel to various points (i.e. art studios, el jardin, restaurants, and Spanish school).  If a student is uncomfortable doing this, a staff member will accompany the student.